What if I told you that we need hope and fear to save humanity from our own demise?

Ancient Chinese philosophy teaches us the concept of dualism through Yin and Yang. It is the idea that opposite or contrary forces can be complementary and interdependent in the natural world —…

An Alternative Approach to Reflecting on Life

Birthdays are weird. For some, they consist of a celebration, others mourn the day, and some choose to avoid the day altogether. These three categories, of course, being a generalization of sorts, but, you get the point. Birthdays arouse different emotions in each of us.

For me, my birthday has…

“You’re sneaky, you know,” she said, glancing at me sharply.

I stood there in silence, waiting for the avalanche of stories to erupt from her core. She had been boiling over for some time now, stooping around before the deepest thoughts were ready to be summoned.

“Tell me,” I said…

New York, New York — Around 10 pm, after basking in the sounds of jazz, my friend and I wandered over to the Christopher Street-Sheridan Square subway stop, ready to go home.

My laugh lines were imprinted on my face, and my feet danced down the subway stairs with a…

When I think about Mother’s day, there is one memory that specifically comes to mind.

I am thirteen years old and balling my eyes out. The hot tears that stream down my face do not have time to dry on my skin before another wave comes crashing down.

And then…

Shelby Parks

Harmonizing people’s relationship with themselves & the natural world through storytelling.

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